remember that i love you and that you are very important

surprise link of the week!!!


bradley just has really nice hands

my facialist told me to be at the clinic at ten or earlier and here i am anD NO ONE IS HERE

au - brad never let you out of his sight. no matter how possessive he was, of course, he did not come close to obsessive, but he did certainly like you by his side…and not attached to someone else’s. on nights that he witnessed you getting cosy with a friend, the night of and the night after were always interesting… (requested by the lovely bradlehs)

bradlehs: When you get this, you need to say publicly 5 things you like about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers!

g  O SH

  • i like the way my upper arm sorta like jiggles. everyone used to make fun of me for it but now it’s like hell ya it does that bet yours doesn’t
  • i like my legs. they’re like the trunks of trees and that makes me feel strong
  • i like how much i love books and writing. bringing things to life, and watching them brought to life, you know
  • i like how stubborn i am. everyone hates it. 
  • i like how i’ve become more out there, i guess you can say? i’m not as afraid of people as i used to be and i’m horribly slowly growing out of the crippling shyness that plagues me.


ima get some vids for u because

excellent i need them



possessive brad

radbradley speaking of, im still waiting

i opened photoshop 4 u 

i don’t think you all appreciate how much effort i put into the lil gifset descriptions like i spend more time figuring out something witty than making the gifset

brad has been wearing stripes again. don’t mind my tears (part one)